Caroline Mckeon - Typing Trex

Caroline is a zoology graduate with an interest in ecology and climate change. Her blogs touch on biodiversity and its public perception.

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Cian White - Typing Trex

Cian is a zoology graduate interested in ornithology. His blogging focus includes human impact on ecosystems, and some of the efforts undertaken to reduce them.

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Eoin Dillon - Typing Trex

Eoin is a zoology graduate with a passion for Invertebrates. His interests range from rock-pool fauna in his native Donegal to blogging on entomological arms races.

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James Orr - Typing Trex

James is a zoology graduate interested in trophic ecology, rewilding and palaeontology. He has a particular fascination with the past and present top dogs of the animal kingdom. He is also a nature photographer (

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