The Typing Trex;

the last surviving member of its species, escaped extinction and learned to type, bringing you fact and opinion from the natural world.


The Typing Trex is a blog setup by five zoologists looking for a platform from which to express their enthusiasm and passion for the natural world. The aim is to convey some of the key points and ideas of ecology, evolution, behaviour and environmental science (in an interesting and entertaining fashion), while also keeping you up to date with the biggest happenings in conservation and climate change. The subject matter may be local or national but we aim to get to the underlying issues making it globally accessible. Blogs range from the purely factual to opinion pieces with each author writing on a range of favourite subjects.


Meet the Founders


Caroline Mckeon - Typing Trex     Cian White - Typing Trex      Dan McDermott - Typing Trex     Eoin Dillon - Typing Trex     James Orr - Typing Trex

Caroline                    Cian                           Dan                          Eoin                       James 


Caroline is a zoology graduate with an interest in ecology and climate change. Her blogs touch on biodiversity and its public perception. Read Caroline’s blogs

Cian is a zoology graduate interested in ornithology. His blogging focus includes human impact on ecosystems, and some of the efforts undertaken to reduce them. Read Cian’s blogs

Dan is a zoology graduate of Trinity College Dublin, with an interest in everything from marine biology to parasitology and conservation. One of his key blogging focuses is the socio-economics impacts of research. Read Dan’s blogs

Eoin is a zoology graduate with a passion for Invertebrates. His interests range from rock-pool fauna in his native Donegal to blogging on entomological arms races. Read Eoin’s blogs

James is a zoology graduate interested in trophic ecology, rewilding and palaeontology. He has a particular fascination with the top dogs of the animal kingdom from the prehistoric past and the present. He is also a nature photographer ( Read James’ blogs



We want this blog to be a source of reliable information that is presented in a more understandable manner than is found in most scientific journals, and you can play a part of this. Have an interest in the natural world and the itch to write about it? Compose a blog, submit it, get published. Or even a question you want an answer to? Submit a piece and we’ll write a response! Check out the Submissions page. Science has never been so fun!